Nov. 20, 2017

John L. Bruce In His Words, My Voice

Before there was Robert F. Williams, The Deacons for Defense, The Black Panther Party For Self Defense, Stokely Carmichael, H Rap Brown, or Malcolm X there was John E. Bruce, better known as “Bruce Grit” to the public, as described in 1901 as the “prince of Negro Newspaper correspondents.” He was the author of The Bloody Red Record, a compilation of lynchings in the United States published in 1901. However, few people were aware of his call for “organized resistance” against lynching and other violent acts against black Americans. In the speech below which he gave on October 5, 1889, in an undisclosed location, he called on African Americans to apply the principle of self-defense against the white terrorists who seek​ to harm them.