Nov. 22, 2017

My Ode To Black Friday

Black Friday Again?

It’s That Time Of The Season
When Us Black Spend For Absolutely No Reason
If You Dare Say Happy Holiday Its A Sign Of Treason
When That Chubby White Fella Has Black Kids On His Lap
Oh My Now Isn’t That A Sign Of A Sexual Attack
Why We Given Santa All This Damn Slack
If It Was Any Other Old Man It Would Be The Cause Of Community Outrage And Flack
Oh That’s Right Santa Is The Inner City’s White Present Giving Mack
Are You Boycotting Christmas This Year
What You Say I Just Shifted Into My Bill Making Fifth Gear
Don’t You Dare Give Me That Side-Eyed Leer
The Conscious Folks Have Spoken
If You Continue To Celebrate Christmas You’re Just A Token
They Say That This Religious Day Is Broken
So Up Up Up Up with Jesus
And Down Down Down with Santa
Let's Start To Redistribute the Pain
Why Do Other Economies Have All The Gain
Isn’t It About Time For Black Folks To Stop Making Christmas Rain
While Our Communities Crumble and Our People’s Lives Are Stained
We Keep Digging In Our Pockets And Causing So Much Strain
So Let's Make Sure We Can Achieve
A True Sense Of Economic Black Community Gain
Consolidate All Our Black Christmas Dollars
Take Off This Damn Manmade Collars
Let’s Regain Our Ancestral Pride
Let's Really Take Injustice For Its Last Fateful Ride
No Longer Can We Will Continue To Let Inequality Slide
Dr. King Asked America in 68 To Share The Pain
He Was Sick & Tired Of Black People Getting Needlessly Slain
King Demanded That Past Bills Be Paid
Speaking Truth They Call Out The Air Raid
On That Balcony, Floor Is Where His Body Laid
Sharing The Pain Isn't Hard To Explain
We As a United Community Now Must Start Using Our Brain
Otherwise, We Will Never Have Any True Gain.