Nov. 22, 2017

Provoked Thought - Way To Many Questions, Not Enough Answers

In a press conference earlier this week Commissioner Davis was asked a question by reporter Justin Fenton, of the Baltimore Sun related to the location of surveillance cameras that could have recorded the murder of Detective Sean Suiter. The murder occurred in an area of West Baltimore that has a high criminal activity.  Well, if you have ever been in Baltimore City you know that cameras are visible everywhere. Yet, it seems this incident occurred a half-mile of any form of surveillance. How is it that possible? In a city full of cameras this shooting occurred in a dark spot. Would the average young black man know this information? That seems unlikely but hey it could be possible.  Yet you would know that type of surveillance information would be known to an agent/representative of law enforcement.     
Then we find out from Commissioner Davis that the "slain" police detective in Baltimore City was murdered by a single shot in the head. The wound was inflicted with his own service weapon. Detective Suiter was savagely murdered with a kill shot to his head with his own gun? How is that possible that some young black man over-powered this detective and managed a kill shot so effectively? What exactly did Detective Suiter see that peaked his interest that day? Now Commissioner Davis informs the news media that the slain Detective Sean Suiter was scheduled to testify before a federal grand jury about the Baltimore City indicted police officers. All of these circumstances can lead me to only one conclusion Detective Shawn Suiter was murdered by either an agent of law enforcement or someone contracted by an agent of law enforcement.
With a reward nearing a quarter of a million and no young black male suspect with a black white striped jacket in sight. This murder is looking more and more suspect. So, if you are young black and have a lengthy criminal record. You had better watch your step because the men in blue are looking to tag this murder on someone other than the actual perpetrator. If you are one of the many owners of a black striped jacket in your closet being doubling worried. The fantasy of a murderous young black man lurking and targeting police officers is becoming less and less likely.
The reality is a whole different matter, though. It looks like an internal case of blue payback justice with the murder orchestrated by his fellow Baltimore City police officers because Detective Sean Suiter was willing to cross the blue code of silence. Will the next press conference by Commissioner Davis confirm the suspicions that many black people in Baltimore have right now? On this Thanksgiving Day, I hope that Shawn Suiter's family has some measure of hope that the real killers are identified by it is becoming more and more unlikely.