Nov. 25, 2017

Slavery and the Electoral College

Another Quick Lesson From The Black Blogger

Seems like everything in this God forsaken country relates back to one of the greatest sins of White America, slavery. People of color truly need to understand the underpinnings of the Electoral College and how we as people balanced the scales of the slaveholding southern states as a 3/5 compromise of personhood. You see if the President was elected by popular vote the northern states would win every election and possibly one day threaten the institution of slavery. So up pops the Electoral College and the formula of allowing those southern slaveholding states to count their slaves as 3/5 a person when deciding the number of electors that state would have. So even though held in bondage with no more rights than a piece of chattel. The American Blackman and Woman were the reason for the adoption of the Electoral College. We were the ruse to protect our own captivity courtesy of the Electoral College.
Take that bit of historical information with you as you travel store to store today and this weekend building everyone's community but our own. I hope this offends you because we need to understand our function in this nation. We have always been underserved and misrepresented. The use of the Electoral College to bring into power known bigots and supremacists in 2016 tells me that there is something dastardly amiss with the political processes of America. You can lose and election by over 3 million votes but still gain political control over the majority that voted against the minority party. This country begun its mission covered in the overt oppression of (2) entire races of people, Native Americans and enslaved black people. The White Authoritative Supremacists almost wiped one of those races completely off the face of the earth while continuing to oppress the other race for another 236 years.