Nov. 27, 2017

Today's Session "WISDOM" Hope On A Tightrope Cornel West

Wisdom the learned experiences of others past and present aligns so perfectly with a comprehensive understanding our people's history. While I was growing up in 60's there was an atmosphere of that was conducive for learning not only from one's peers but also from the elders within the community. This period was before the decimation of our urban inner cities. The sense that everyone was involved in the struggle so it was imperative that everyone seemingly looked out for each other. We learned not only from personal experiences but we also had the benefit from learning from our elders. That isn't the case any longer fragmented families and communities have negated that process. However, we must again regain the able to utilize all of our resources to build community wisdom. Join me today as Cornel West writes about the importance of gaining wisdom during these troubled times, hope is absolutely on a tightrope.