Nov. 30, 2017

History Lesson "American Bison, Native American, and The Blackman" All Hated and Reviled

If ever get the chance please watch the Smithsonian Museum special "The Last Buffalo". It reveals the utter devastation of the American Bison due to the principle of Manifest Destiny, or White Supremacy. Just imagine for just a moment the magnitude of hatred in the white military and government officials that instituted the policy that led to the extermination of the American Bison from the Great Plains of the then lands controlled by North American Indian Tribes. There were over 30 million American Bisons roaming freeing on the Great Plains at the time of the white man's intrusion into these lands. The American Bison migrated just as the great migratory beasts of Africa following the grasslands across thousands of miles. The length and breathe of some of these wild herds was as deep as 25 miles long and 10 miles across. Think about that for just a second. Imagine a mass of massive animals the size of the American Bison moving in herds of that magnitude. The Native Americans had a spiritual connection to the American Bison. They didn't disrespect the American Bison. They only killed what was needed to be killed and their tribes moved as the American Bison moved. That's why both the Native American and American Bison both flourished because they lived in harmony almost as one.
Again, 30 million American Bison before the white man began his ultimate goal of sacrificing anything in the way of the move to control every aspect of life on harmonious Great Plains of America. The mantra, Westward Ho, meant complete and total destruction of any element of the environment that may have hindered that goal. Neither man nor beast stood a chance against the savagery of Western Expansion. In these special it was reveal that in a 3 year period following the end of the Civil War almost 3.5 million American Bisons were slaughtered by the United States military as well as hired buffalo hunters. The plot was to replicate the strategy that Union Forces used in the final stages of the Civil War. The burn to the ground completely strategy employed by General William T. Sherman. In his infamous March to Sea in the slave-holding states of the Confederacy. This strategy was intended to starve the troops of the South and bring them to their knees. Make them succumb to the overwhelming disastrous measures of inhumanity. Well, it worked quite successfully in the final days of the American Civil War. So why not implement that same destructive strategy in the American Great Plains to decimate the Great Plains Native Americans. If you eliminate the primary food and natural resource of these tribes you will overcome any military advantage that the Native Americans held.
So General Sheridan and General Sherman implemented this cruel plan to sacrifice an entire breed of beast from the face of the earth because it would provide favorable results for the objective of Manifest Destiny. It takes a special kind of human hate to implement such a plan. The same type of hatred that allowed white men to hold an entire race of people in bondage for over 250 years. By the beginning of the 20th Century that great herd of 30 million American Bison had been reduced to 23 total. Again think about that number 30 million American Bisons with herds as large as 25 miles long and 10 miles wide reduced to 23 American Bisons hold up in a canyon in Texas. That's 29,999,977 slaughtered American Bisons along with almost the complete extermination of those Great Plains Native American Tribes. You wonder how American can look at its past history in any frame of glory. I'm not going to spend much discussing the rebirth of the American Bison which now numbers about a quarter of million animals. I will say that the American Bison and the Native Americans are resilient and worthy of praise. You see they managed along with the enslaved bondage held black people to withstand all the evils thrown at them and still RISE. Just another bit of history that isn't widely known. Think about this again just for a moment 30 million to 23 just because of a few white suprematist's philosophy to control everything no matter the cost. The question we must ask ourselves has mankind learned anything from its past evil deeds or there capable of the same insanity to destroy?