Dec. 5, 2017

Come On Now What Are You Thinking

The utter historic shame of this specific Southern Black Church, The Guiding Light Baptist Church of Birmingham, Alabama. On the week that celebrates when an entire city of black citizens in Montgomery, Alabama began its historic battle against the racist forces of bigotry, hate, and Jim Crow injustice by boycotting transit bus system. We had a black church in Birmingham, Alabama accept the invitation of that odorous Senate Republican Candidate Roy Moore to speak to the congregation. I am sure that all the past members of the Montgomery Improvement Association, Rosa Parks, Martin Luther King, and every black person in Alabama who took a head blow or a bullet or escaped a rope fighting injustice rolled over in their graves this past Sunday.
The Guiding Light Baptist Church of Birmingham even allowed that scoundrel to read one of his poems. They seemingly attempted to humanize this man who has no sincere interest in bettering the condition of black people in Alabama, or black people in this nation.
How in God's name could the church's minister Bishop Lowe justify this action? I understand the concept of Jesus forgiveness but really this is taking it to a whole nother level of black ignorance. Really, Roy Moore that black hating pedophile was given access to speak at a black church this past Sunday in Alabama. As much as I want to believe that some black leaders are progressing consciously especially black church leaders. Incidents like these step our people back decades to the times when we allowed these bigots to ride our backs without a discerning or judgemental word coming from some of those southern pulpits.