Dec. 7, 2017


I wrote this initially in late October 2011 updated some of it this evening as the appalling situation in Libya continues to decimate humanity. It looks as if from 2012 until today human slavery has been active as a result of Gaddafi's murder.  


We came, we saw, he died, really America?


We came, we plotted, he was murdered, isn’t that really the story?


He was killed for his AFRICAN DREAM unified CONTINENT was way too extreme


Killed by those who hated him with deadly precision


You see they all knew Gaddhafi demanded an imperialistic excision


He was killed by enemies who sought to silence him


Not by those who they told you may think fought him


You see this brother spoke truth who thought had brought him


He was never going to be a tool for the empire powers that sought him


Yet, in the end, they feared what Gaddhafi had taught them


The fact of the matter they feared this brother’s aim


You see Gadhafi was all about evening the game


He didn’t want his or any other peoples living in economic shame


He wanted more for the entire African nations than accepting blame


He demanded that all Africans not be weak wanting power has no shame


Depending on western nations for all their rations


Muammar wanted Africans with a will gain with all their passions


For that, he got all kinds of international allegations


Every day some astounding accusations


You see his enemies didn’t want blacks seeking higher aspirations


For that did this brave brother deserve a public castration?


Justice again takes leave and to hell with building a solid and free African foundation


That’s why his public murder bought no worldwide elation


The fact of the matter along with his death came Libya’s current devastation


What black leader is next on the CIA’s hit list 


Gaddhafi didn’t envision future African slaves 


Yet the western powers did envision his early grave


No way was Gaddafi program of African economic power going to be saved


The buck stops here is what is said and who manned the chair


No Russian bear killed this hare but an eagle flew low


As low as a certain democratic nation could go