Dec. 8, 2017

No Clap Back, Really You Just Stood There?

Roy Moore is an idiot, really, America was great during slavery, but the reality is that a significant amount of white Americans believe that crap. However, I'm not amazed by this statement nor am I disturbed because America you can't monitor nor fully understand "crazy". Crazy and sick-minded is what crazy and sick-minded is. If you are sane how can you fully comprehend someone's insanity?

The thing about this incident that disturbed me was that an African-American man asked Roy Moore the question about what period of time Roy Moore thought America was at it’s greatest. That same Black person never clap-backed at Roy Moore with a, as, the Gabrielle Union tweeted, oh hell, no, that response is not going to slip me by in any way, shape, or form. Why do some black people allow these type of comments coming from disturbed bigots to go unchallenged?  That’s what disturbed me, not Roy Moore’s comment because you expect as much from a bigoted white man still captivated by the traditions and mores of the Old South. What I don’t understand how a Black person could allow him to say what he said without a serious retort.

Basically, this is what Roy Moore said to that brother was; “America was at it’s greatest, it’s highest levels of family values, and it’s highest levels of patriotism, strongest as a nation when blacks were chattel and rich whites were in absolute control of all aspects of American society. It was during this time that blacks weren’t allowed to be educated, were controlled by the lash and the rope blacks were illiterate, and blacks had absolutely no constitutional, social, or civil rights.  Black Americans weren’t even considered Americans, they were considered property worth a value of 3/5 a person. Even though poor whites were just as bad off as those poor negroes at least the poor whites were higher on the lowest economic totem pole than the blacks being held in slavery.  Yes, the few elites controlled the many have-nothings that still is the same situation that is around today. However, unlike today the control during that “feeling good” period of time was maintained with the iron fist and iron chains. Yeah, Roy Moore, you don’t have any shame feeling as you do. You even said that the reds and yellows knew their place. That place in Roy Moore’s mind was in outer space as it related to being Americans. Damn, my black brother, you gave no clap-back, no nothing, you simply asked the question, and set you ass down.

Also for the record, America, the reality is that in this country from the time they pushed us off the ships in Jamestown, Virginia in 1619. America has never and I mean never been truly great for black people as a whole. O.K. we have had a smattering of good times but in reality, that's why black folks invented the blues because being in America was surely the bluest of blues.