Dec. 9, 2017

Rambling Thoughts From The Black Blogger

It's Been a Difficult Year For Justice in America

You see justice disappeared in Baltimore

All of Freddie Gray’s Killers were Set Free

The Congress Is Cutting Healthcare 

Multi-Billionaires Just Don't Care 

Giving Them More Tax Cuts Isn't Even Fair

Bigots are getting more airtime. Some are even appearing in prime time

Unwanted Skirt chasing seems to be new national pastime

Me too, you too, him too, damn who knew, damn I just want to screw

Dummies leading the pack, North Koreans are about to attack and Putin’s now the world's big mack


It’s not just the BCPD that’s lost the trust every damn department in Baltimore has some rust that’s why there is so much damn mistrust. Did he shoot himself, or is it a case for Mulder and Scully?  Are teachers sleeping and not teaching from nine to five where is the education black kids are seeking? The next book I read will be the first book I read no wonder I cannot dream and succeed. The Baltimore City Police Department is infested and infected with extreme levels of human miscreants whose personal acts of criminality elevates the atmosphere of hopelessness and despair that is felt by the majority of Baltimore City's Inner City residents. If you know you cannot trust those who are supposed to serve and protect. Then the reality of those city residents centers around the fact that they surrounded by "takers of hope" and not many "givers of hope".  Baltimore needs "givers of hope", people willing to built and rebuild the trust that these city government agents have squandered by taking hope from its citizens. These men and women have stolen the trust that citizens should invest in their leaders. In every area or institution in Baltimore from educational services, law enforcement services, municipal services, recreational services, religious services, social services, Baltimore City has failed in the mission to building real hope. It is no wonder that failure is so abundant in many of the black inner city communities.  There is simply an extreme level of disillusionment and self-belief in the city that bleeds. The magnitude of issues of dismay is gaining each and every day. My quest is will these issues ever be addressed? When we the community voices be addressed or is the stress a part of the black community’s ongoing stress. It's time for B'more leaders to fix this mess.