Dec. 10, 2017

What If We Celebrated Our Own Personal Holiday's Not Their's

Christopher S. Rugaber for the Associated Press: “In cities across America, the middle class is hollowing out. A widening wealth gap is moving more households into either higher- or lower-income groups in major metro areas, with fewer remaining in the middle, according to a report released Wednesday by the Pew Research Center. In nearly one-quarter of metro areas, middle-class adults no longer make up a majority, the Pew analysis found. That’s up from fewer than 10 percent of metro areas in 2000.”


Middle Class in America Disappearing Fast Well It Left Black America Long Time Ago

Today’s Washington Post Article about the disappearing Middle Class is great news for who? Well, for those middle-class families that have seen their income slip to levels deemed lower class in the past decade it has come as no surprise. You see American corporations have sliced and diced employment opportunities seeking more dollars for the haves and none for the have-nots. 

Economic conditions in America have been deteriorating for quite some time in this country. Companies were allowed to shift jobs out of this country as quickly as a sharpen knife cuts soft butter. If communities don’t take some determined action to turn the tide against corporate greed quickly. This will truly be a nation that will indeed have 2 distinct social economic groups those “who have” and those “who never won’t have”. The funny thing is quite a few of those who have been identified as being in the haves know that they are only major disaster away from being in the latter group.

How do communities defend themselves against being sucked into permanent unforgiving poverty? These communities must understand that only by creating self-sufficiency and self-reliance will these communities take absolute control of moving forward. You can simply decide to run in place with 95% of those seeking to gain in the current situation. Or you can decide to really make that significant move towards financial independence for communities needing the expertise our brothers and sisters have attained in universities and colleges across this nation.

You cannot buy a home any longer and gain any wealth in America. If you have to spend 99.9% of what you earn just to survive everyday surely wealth building isn’t a targeted goal. If you cannot afford to get ill without falling helplessly behind financially. Surely, it has come to mind that you are running in place in your current choices.
It would be a significant move towards independence if you sacrificed holiday spending for 5 years to put away financial capital to make moves to build your and your communities independence, correct? What harm would it do to you family situation if you decided that by 2020 you will have monies necessary to collectively make significant changes in your homes and homes of others?

Just because other groups of ill-informed Americans want to run and place and play the game of “broke-dom”. Brothers and sisters we can decide to play “wealth-dom” a life game if played correctly will allow multiple regions of black communities to move from “total disrepair to total and absolute repair”. Communities that will become self-sufficient economic hubs engaged in employing our own and building wealth with our own. Sisters and brothers it’s your choice run in place and never achieve maximum gain or take a chance at real independence. 

Just stay away from total holiday spending for 1,825 days and watch your pockets grow while those who take and don’t give back moan and groan. I’m not saying completely deprive yourself from satisfaction just decide to celebrate your personal days of affirmation and ignore society’s economic influenced days. With those dollar savings build something, create something new, educate yourself or someone close to you, invest in something and don’t continue to run in place.