Dec. 12, 2017

Sex and Football" Formula For Harassment"

What's so funny is that all these retired NFL players being exposed as sexual harassers. Now come on sex and professional football are synonymous. The league plays sexuality to the highest degree from its promo's on Sunday, Monday and Thursday Night Football. Carrie Underwood is more Carrie Underwear, the team cheerleaders are symbolic sexual figures and aren't all the sideline reporters hired for their bodies and not their talent. So if any professional sport is going to be littered with sexual harassment, it's going to be professional football. It starts as early as high school moves into colleges recruiting players through sex favors of co-eds. Sex and the Locker Room Talk is a common theme for all those connected to the sport. So don't be surprised that these NFL sportscasters are being singled out for charges of sexual harassment. The fact of the matter is sex and football sell in America. What you promote is what you expect.