Dec. 13, 2017

A Seat Is A Seat, It's Neither White or Black, The Verdict Is In

Today 61 years ago the ruling from the US Supreme Court was submitted on the issue of segregation policies in Montgomery, Alabama's municipal transit buses. The ruling was overwhelming in favor of the black citizens of that city. Later that summer in Detroit, Michigan at the 48th Annual NAACP Convention, Martin Luther King accepted the Springarn Medal for the 50,000 black citizens of that city. Whose dedication, determination, and focus proved to the be winning formula in the battle for civil rights over Jim Crow segregation. Today, I honor those individuals by bringing you on The Black Blogger, in his words, my voice the acceptance speech of Dr. King. Last night Black Alabamians stood up again against injustice and refused to turn back the clock by rejecting the election of Roy Moore. This afternoon I say thanks to those who continue to prove that Black Alabamians are not to be trifled with.