Dec. 30, 2017

Did GOD Create Man Or Humanity In His Image

I was reading a post that was written by a Bishop in the AME Church in which he stated that we have to follow God’s love of man in order to reduce the level of hate and violence in our communities. I personally don’t have an issue with that model. Yet isn't that is the model that has caused so much of the hate and violence that permeates our communities today.  Isn't it God’s love being analyzed in so many different ways by so many variants of people that has justified hateful actions for the millennium of mankind?  Doesn’t it say “God made man in his own image” yet doesn’t the man then demand that the image manifested by God fit the image that a specific man reflects in his personal mirror?  If any difference in that man’s mirror reveals itself as different, then doesn’t that specific race, creed, or religion of man demands a subjective analysis of whether that particular man was created in the other man’s godly image? Could not God had specified that every man no matter the color, region, or creed reflect his image? Why was God so general in his bold pronouncement regarding his image? Why was God so sexist that man was created in his image and not a woman? Why not the creation of humanity and not the creation of man?

So one of my final thoughts leading into 2018 is that man learn to love himself first and foremost. Then understand that by loving himself he/she is naturally meant to love all others of humanity. You see humanity has no race, creed, nor region it is one with God’s creation of humanity. Maybe God meant to say he so loved the world that he created humanity to secure every province, every region in which humanity resides and injustice and hate hide. God understood that the love and creation of humanity thus ensured that man’s evolution of that principal thought guaranteed global justice and love. With that comes the end, or never the beginning of those bullets of hatred and the acts of extreme violence perpetrated by man on man. The radical love of humanity not individual or grouping of men will bring justice to this world. Just my thought on this final Saturday of 2018.