Jan. 16, 2018

The Day After: What Would King Do?

Dr. Martin Luther King's last great struggle for civil, social and economic justice was The Poor People’s Campaign. Many believe that when Dr. King moved from civil rights to a program of wealth redistribution he signed his death warrant. With that assassin’s bullet, the campaign for economic parity never reached any level of humanity’s clarity,  Today’s urban blight can be directly connected to the failure of those who wanted to ensure that Poverty City, USA was never able to truly dedicated. 

It was Dr. King's intention to illuminate the issue of poverty in the so-called richest nation as well to a world’s audience.  Dr. King was going to Washington DC and all the major metropolitan regions for a one day march. The day of the one-day march solution had already reached the pinnacle of achievement. Now was the time to resolutely move for immediate action and stay in the corridors of government until economic equality in this nation was a reality. Dr. King had proposed a mass non-violent demonstration of poor peoples of all colors and creeds to set up living quarters on the Mall in Washington. That same Mall that now houses his statue, I’m sure Dr. King would’ve wanted true economic equality in this nation rather than some granite as his remembrance. That is another story for another day.

Dr. King also planned mass live-in demonstrations as well as cities across this nation and the world. These demonstrations would give voices to the voiceless, and power to the powerless, as it related directly to economic inequality that existed between the poor and those with the real economic power to change that equation. Over the past 50 years in this nation, the wealth gap between the haves and the have-nots has widened tremendously; with no signs or hope of any meaningful way to bring that gap to any positive solution. This morning on the day after this nation honors the drum major for justice this atrocious fact was revealed for all to see. Eight men, yes eight men have the same combined wealth of 1/2 of the world's poorest population. That 8 men more economically powerful than 3.6 billion human beings. 

 You as America spent yesterday provoking and prodding truisms noted by Dr. King. I am sure that the disparity in economic equality in this country and in the world would’ve truly caused Dr. King to go to the streets for justice. He would have demanded solutions to this troubling economic equation. All the problems evaluating in the world can relate to the few oppressing the many, the few clawing to keep every advantage possible, the few loving items more than humanity. Dr. Martin Luther King was with the many and he would be engaged in the battle for the rights of the many. Dr. King demanded that we love mankind above all else. How many people really would follow Dr. King’s philosophy today? Dr. King told a sitting President I love you President Johnson but I’m not going let that love allow me to ignore your wrongs against humanity. 

Today, we have a President openly expresses hate and purposely creates confusion, yet rather than standing up and denouncing his action. Some in our community find ways to justify his actions. Dr. King wouldn't be bowing down attempting to meet with an individual whose sole purpose is to widen the income gap not level it or possibly erase it. Dr. King wouldn't be running to the White House for photo opportunities and meaningless conversation. Dr. King would be on the streets demanding program opportunities that uplift the neediest of our communities. So as we end the day do we rally around celebrating true concepts and philosophies the KING? You should know that his struggle and demand for a redistribution of the pain has yet to be realized in the supposed richest nation in the world. The dream from 8/28/1963 is truly a distant memory and King himself indicated that dream had become a nightmare. When will we truly live out the true virtue and promise of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.? The question I ask is what would Martin Luther King Jr do the day after his national holiday?