Jan. 19, 2018

Hindsight or Foresight We're Up Trump Creek Without A Paddle

"We Integrated Into A Burning House"

MLK 1968

Hindsight or Foresight We're Up Trump Creek Without A Paddle 

I wrote this essay a little more than 2 years ago on 12/15/2015  and tomorrow this President will celebrate his first year in elective office as the Chief Executive of United States. We now have revolving facts about a Presidential election in 2016 that was marred by the possible criminal cyber intrusion of a foreign power. We have a President who seems to be either spewing hate on his Twitter page, or allowing his cronies to voice that hate, or he’s on the golf course in Florida for 1:15 pm tee time every Friday. Trump’s the exact opposite of a leader he’s more like a civilization bleeder, a man intent on destroying clarity of thought for meaningless endless sessions of confusion.  

I believe that 50% of America got exactly what they desired in terms of Presidential malfunction. You see either you voted for this person of ill repute, or you didn’t vote or participate in the election at all. Either of those choices seemingly assured the world of a void in America’s place as advocates for a better country or a better world. One year down, three years to go? Damn, where is the paddle, or some firehoses? 

This country has a very short memory and nothing it seems holds the interest of the populace for very long. You can say what you want because it seems many Americans don't have the capacity to maintain memory. Well on that December day in 2015, I wrote this essay and I bring it back every year until Trump and the Trumpsters leave the seat of governmental power. So this day the day before this deliverer of hate and injustice celebrates one year in office.  

Provoked Thought of the Day (12/15/2015)


"Kick his ass!"


"Shoot him!"




"Sieg Heil!"


“Light the motherfucker on fire!” 


Maybe it’s 1948 and my brothers and sisters you would be hiding in the corners of a rally of the Dixiecrat Party lead by Senator and Segregationist  Strom Thurmond. Thurmond’s only racist rally call at the time was a complete separation of the races in America and a continued domination of people of color by whites. 

So are we in a 1964 campaign rally of Presidential candidate George Lincoln Rockwell, noted racist and Nazi Party Leader. Rockwell ran in 64 as a write-in candidate for the Presidency of the United States.  

Or we could be at a rally of the then not racist reformed former Governor of Alabama George Wallace.  Whose cry of segregation now, segregation forever was the calling call for those who sought racist vengeance in the 60’s and 70’s. Wallace, sought redemption from his evil ways when one of his own boys took him down in a shopping center in Laurel, Maryland while running for President in 1972. 

Or, maybe it’s 1976, and we are on the campaign trail with former segregationist Lester Maddox as he takes on the nomination as the Presidential nominee for the American Independent Party?

It is no way in hell is this happening in America in 2015? Right? 

You see in 2015 we are in a post-racial America. We live in a nation that supposedly does not see the color of a man’s skin only the content of that man’s character. Well, guess what my brothers and sisters we need to wake the “fuck up”. Yes, we are still racial targets of ignorant people's animist as we were in 1948, 1964, 1972, 1976. 

This time the atmosphere of hate is permeating in the convention center halls of one Donald Trump and it's being encouraged by him and acted out for all to see by his band of hate-filled followers. These are certainly dangerous times in the world in which we live. The world is seemingly engaged in battles on virtually every continent on the planet.  

When one of the two major political parties of this country excuses this type of hatred driven participant behavior as a ho-hum. Then, sure enough, this nation slides back to darker days.  Well, brothers and sisters why don't we react in the way that our defenders of justice reacted in our communities in the past? Why do allow this type of madness to gain momentum? 

Brothers and sisters, please don’t ignore the writing on the walls of injustice.  The time is now to encouraging cooperation within our communities from coast to coast, or from sea to shiny sea. Whether, you have a home that looks out on the Pacific Ocean in Malibu, or a flat in a roach infested building in Bed-Stuy, or a suburban home on the outskirts of Atlanta or Charlotte, or if you are escaping gunfire in West Chicago. 

We are proud strong people, brothers, and sisters.  Our historic heritage must be understood so that our current struggles are linked to our past struggles brothers and sisters. We can never forget those struggles past or present but we almost all must begin to get our communities fixated on solutions to those problems. 

It seems that my provoked thoughts have always come back to the same message, economic self-sufficiency for the communities of brothers and sisters across the country. Maybe, it's because that surely transmits an urgency of need within this nation for our people. The saying goes if we build it they will come. Maybe it should apply like this if we start it they will believe the impossible is possible.  If any people of color support the craziness that is the Trump Stupids. I can only say may God Bless You for you are connected to a group of people longing for the good old days and those days were definitely not your days, the pain inflicted was on us, not those who people support Trump or his policies.