Jan. 29, 2018


Special Announcement:
The Black Blogger has decided with careful thought and evaluation to "boycott" tomorrow's State of the Union Address. You see the mental potential of a high degree of negativity simply outweighs any potential positivity occurring coming from that podium.
I have learned that it takes ten events of positivity to erase one event of negativity. Knowing that is the case I cannot work an entire year to erase that 90 minute period of garbage. The adage of GIGO definitely applies to this President.
Also, I posted the black fist to align with this statement to enforce the fact that we need to join forces in our communities to build our economic power. Let's don't let corporations to continue to sweat us. Let's make those corporations sweat, and we as a community have overcome worst forces than Donald Trump and his minions. We simply must believe in our economic power which exceeds a trillion dollars.