Feb. 1, 2018

The Black Blogger Looks Backs February 1, 2017

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The Misadventures of Donald "The Mad Hatter" Trump
"Black History Month Trump Style"
One year ago I wrote this blog:
Come on Mad Hatter stop it, please. I was planning on giving you a respite tonight until I saw your damn 12-minute 30-second insulting breakfast foray today about Black History Month. The facts not fake but real facts are this.
It was so obvious that the Mad Hatter had absolutely no knowledge of, or any degree, of, knowledge relating to Black History. It bordered on the hilarious.
What was even more disgraceful was the manner in which the black people in the room were interacting with you, and how you were interacting with them. I would certainly question whether any of these black people really had any knowledge of the struggle of people of color in this country.
You embarrassed the memory of our great ancestor Frederick Douglass by simply mentioning his name. It was almost as if you had a Black History Primer this morning prior to stepping into the room that was quite bigly. You introduced the morning topic of Black History. Then Mad-Hatter you proceeded to talk about anything other than Black History at the table.
I am certain that the 4 blacks you mentioned ranging in order Harriett Tubman, Rosa Parks, Martin Luther King also wondered and while rolling in their perspective graves the fact that you mentioned their names Mad Hatter. For you then to bring up fake news and at the same time discuss the words of our great publisher and newsman in the same sentence was atrocious.
Didn't someone tell you that Frederick Douglass was the editor of a newspaper "The North Star"? That the North Star was accused at a time of being a malicious piece of rag that spread "fake news" about the equality of black people? It was by all accounts an printed enemy of the segregationists and racists who wanted to continue enslaving black people.
Did you really know that the Frederick Douglass home is in Anacostia? You actually could have done this publicity stunt on the grounds of your newly discovered hero. Oh well, Mad Hatter, what are you going to do tomorrow? Just stay away because it seems you are destined for complete madness soon.
Today I wonder who is still around to sit at the table? Is that why we saw no repeat meeting this morning? Omarosa, Rev. Scott, Ben Carson, ........ who?