Feb. 2, 2018

Remembering February 1, 2012 "Love, Peace, & Soul"

You know that one of my very first thoughts upon hearing about Don Cornelius's suicide? Why did this black man who has opened the door for so many black entertainers to walk through to reach a high level of stage success and financial success, not have anyone who could open the door so that he could feel the need to live another day?
Don Cornelius this brother whose ended each Soul Train Show with the catchy legendary phrase of "love, peace, and soul" feel so detached from those four words on February 1, 2012? Where was the peace? Did he lose his soulful purpose? Did Mr. Cornelius feel totally unloved at that moment?
What "love, peace, and soul could find he feel when that bullet exited the end of a gun barrel? That bullet that blasted away all his love and soul for life. Today, we will hear the tributes and memories of a man's worth. Yet, yesterday when those words could have truly meant something, the only sound in Don Cornelius's home was the sound of gunfire inflicted by him. Could even just one phone call from anyone Mr. Cornelius lifted had lifted him from the despair of this ultimate decision?
Did he simply feel that the world had lost all meaning? That no one truly cared about this icon of our black community? I also wonder in the milliseconds before the bullet pierced his brain did Don Cornelius wonder why no one was around to stop this personal act of madness? Don Cornelius is and always will be BLACK HISTORY. Love, Peace, & Soul
Make Sure That The Brother & Sister Beside You Knows They Are Loved