Feb. 5, 2018


I'll tell you just how homogenized the true message of Martin Luther King Jr. is. Last night country's white powers crept so low and that action should be the centerpiece of discussion in our black communities today. They used Dr. King's voice of "hope for the hopeless" from a speech he gave 60 days before his murder in Memphis, Tennesee last night to sell Dodge Ram Trucks during the most televised event in this country.
They used this worldwide televised event to introduce too many what was one of the most revolutionary speeches given by Dr. King in February 1968. During a period I might add when Dr. King was despised by the majority of White America may be 75% of them. To do what sell a damn truck.
Where is the outrage in our communities across this nation? Many of our lost brothers and sisters are too busy celebrating an inconsequential football victory in an inconsequential game. If the Super Bowl is so damn Super while do they have the game every year? It is simply a football game a divergent activity to capture our attention away from the more pressing issues of our declining society.
While no one black in Philly or Boston were reacting publically to the criminal use of Dr. King's message of revolutionary defiance to promote the sale of trucks. Injustice anywhere is a case for injustice everywhere. To me, it's an injustice to allow the homogenization of Dr. King by the Chrysler Corporation.
How insensitive can you be White America? The nerve of you Martin Luther King Jr's spirit and words selling and promoting trucks. I also believe that in order for this speech to be used it had to be approved by the King family. If that is the case, the stewards of King's legacy should be ashamed.
That's appalling dammit. Absolutely, appalling. To this nation's love of greed and chase for a dollar, nothing is sacred. The King militancy for humanity has been lost in a chase to erase our magnificent black history. They even had the utter audacity and lack of respect to release this commercial during the celebration of Black History Month.