Feb. 6, 2018

I Am Black History

Who's on the path to historical greatness today? Who is symbolizing the image of black history today? Can you see it? Can you sense or even feel it? The road is clearing up ahead and there is space opening for you to fill. So please don't delay. Make a way for within your grasp is that moment that you direct and the time is now to correct and press ahead. For greatness beckons a greatness that you deserve. A black historical greatness that only you can preserve.
So come on now and recognize that you. yes, you are Black History. Join us all on this journey. As we all make a difference in some person's life. Why not tell someone, anyone that you love and respect them today. If you can do this very simple act. You, yes, you, can begin your personal journey to historical black greatness because you and only you deserve it.
If a willow tree can withstand those torturous winds and still hold strong its roots. You too can withstand life's torturous obstacles and make that difference, and build that road to historical greatness. So start today with just one small act. Make that act a daily focus. Make that act a willingness to help another see his/her greatness.
The historical greatness that resides within them all. You may discover that greatness that resides within you. Just understand this one sure fact all of black history starts with just one act. You are Black History every day you make Black History great.