Feb. 7, 2018

America Lost

America's Liberty Bell has ceased to toll, why, because this government has just been sold and no longer does the supposed flag of freedom unfold. A grand parade of military might right smackdown democracy's main street is now planned. Tanks, missiles, awacs, and drones, cluster bombs, and human society cleansers to satisfy this man's maniacal dream. No bands are needed for the message that day is to elicit frightening screams.
There is another story that should be told. America's blinded by fear and a demeaning urge of returning to the days of old. That America was closed and rankled and people of color were still shackled. The atmosphere in this nation crackled with flames of hatred and suppression. Does this nation really need to suffer another economic depression?
As white racists seem to be getting mighty damn bold, Nazi swastikas and Confederate images are now being sold. The American atmosphere once again is getting cold and true democracy is simply fool's gold. Did Lady Justice again unloosen her judicial blindfold? Yes, the time has come when you want justice you'd better have a fat billfold supported by millions of them damn cypto's.
Trump's America Lost