Feb. 11, 2018

Waking Up To This Reality Wakanda, Where No Black Dollars Flow

I love that a positive imagery fictional black movie is coming out on this coming Friday, but the key word is "fictional". So until that imagery is the reality of black life in this country. I cannot and will not burst with any kind of special black pride.
Especially since the majority of the economic resources derived from the movie Black Panther will be mostly accumulated by white corporate finance power-brokers. The black communities in this country will support the movie at an astounding rate.
Yet the collective percentage of dollars and profits made from the Black Panther movie revenue, along with all the ancillary related marketing merchandising will still be concentrated in the white communities.
So, I will not and cannot feed into this mass media hysteria surrounding Black Panther white marketing media hype. T'Challa and Wakanda should drive black wealth not white wealth but this is America, isn't it? How could they profit in turn Wakanda into Whitekanda?
The New Deal wasn't our Deal and The Fair Deal was a Rare Deal for Black Americans. So Time Magazine we don't need The Black Panther on your cover while the economic, educational and judicial plight of so many real Black Americans are ignored. While your media machine hypes and promotes a fantasy world of some creative imagination of black power.