Feb. 14, 2018

The Black Blogger "Trump's Budget"

While the current proposed federal budget again does what other federal budgets are historically known for. That being to continue benefitting that 1 % of Americans who need less government support, you know the"The Have's".
The funny thing is that the majority of Trump supporters are being royally screwed by Trump. You see Trump continues to play to the lowest common denominator, race. He's a master of this strategy and the majority of his political base are simply pawns on his board, or hen's in this wolf's personal henhouse.
So, because of these Trump supporters personal racial bias and racial ignorance. These white folks will accept the Trump direct disrespect of their needs because of the "old historical catchphrase, at least we aren't black or brown".
Trump's budget is far worse than most because Trump has found a way to even clear and scrap those menial crumbs from falling to "The Have-Not's". He even now has decided to send these poor Americans box lunches. Can you imagine briefly just how many ways one can eat cheese and crackers?
At the same time, this current Trump budget continues to affix the blame, misery, and economic depravity on those who are in real need of increased government support. Totally shred the economic safety net that was already full of gaps. Then have those in need hang precariously on slippery poles that are strategically positioned over the abbess of hopelessness.