Feb. 15, 2018

The Black Blogger Thinks About The Elimination Of Weapons of Mass Destruction

I am not a gun-control fanatic but an amendment written in 1783 shouldn't be the basis for gun ownership in today's world that mass produces weapons of human destruction. American society has fallen in love with human and environmental destruction its time for sensibility to rule human action.
The song I grew up to in my teen years was Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young's Ohio which spotlighted the 4 dead students at Kent State University. Today's youth are bomblasted with 9 dead in Charleston, 76 dead in Las Vegas, 19 dead in Florida, 29 dead in Connecticut, and on and on. How much longer can this society allow killing without purpose, killing without aim, a nation that has gone mad, a nation numb to weekly attacks of sickness and hatred.
I would propose the following to be implemented by January 1, 2019, not a single high-velocity automatic or semi-automatic weapon should available for purchase or private ownership in this country. Nor should any armor piercing ammunition be available for purchase or private ownership as well. They will be no grandfathering in punitive legal action anyone caught in the procession of these types of mass destructive weaponry after January 1, 2019, will be subject to immediate incarceration.
"Any person, no matter his or her status caught in the procession of such weaponry should be sentenced to no less than 36 months of federal incarceration. If those weapons are used in the commission of a violent resulting in death crime the automatic sentence will be life without parole for both the perpetrator as well as the owner of said weaponry."
In order to ensure that no American's Constitutional Rights are obstructed in any way, every American will have the ability to own or purchase a single shot musket or pistol with a ball and gunpowder as utilized by the original writers of the Second Amendment, Bill of Rights of the US Consitution, as it pertains to gun ownership.
In addition, all military armaments that are cycled out of use will be destroyed after completing its cycle of effective use. This means that no longer will private citizens have the ability to secure weapons of mass destruction in government sales.
I also firmly believe that our urban and suburban law enforcement agencies should be armed as if they are on patrol in Fallujah on the daily. However, that's a discussion for another blog.