Feb. 20, 2018

President Factual Note Old Hickory & Hannah His Slave

Andrew Jackson, Olde Hickory, loved using the hickory whip on his slaves. In addition, it is said that Andrew Jackson also fathered a child with his loyal slave "Hannah" last name unknown but it surely wasn't Jackson. More like first name Hannah, last name Property.
Hannah who some historians believed Andrew Jackson was more father than a master to her. Really, you bed your supposed daughter? Right, your father owned you as chattel and could do with you as he wanted? He could whip Hannah with that hickory lash as he pleased. If she didn't obey his every order. If Andy even got the hint of insolence out came Old Hickory. Yeah, that's the perfect American daddy.
Hannah was simply property and was conditioned in her servitude to Andrew Jackson to accept whatever treatment befell her. Although, the paternity of Hannah's child could never be proven. I believe that it is most likely true since Hannah was Jackson's sexual property to be used and abused as he saw fit. I wonder if Hannah has a secret room in the White House that Andy kept to himself? I've been to the Hermitage in Nashville, Tennessee and not one word of this illicit affair was mention.
Just as Sally Hemings was Thomas Jefferson's personal sexual property. They uncovered recently because dirt can't be swept over forever. The secret room at Monticello that Sally was forced against her will to perform those illicit acts by her master Thomas Jefferson. The Jefferson family tried its best to protect the image of Tommy but history has now unmasked his mud.
Just how many of our Founding American leaders treated our black ancestors as no less than cattle controlled by prods, leather whips, and lynching ropes simply because they could? How many of these men took our women for sexual gratification because they really couldn't just say NO.
My daddy once told me this story: when he was a young man he was doing some work in the heat of a summer field in Virginia. The white landowner had him plowing the field with two mules. In the blazing sun, this white came out and asked my dad to make sure he watered those two mules and put them under the shade of the tree for a bit. When my dad asked that white landowner for some water and a bit of relief from that scorching heat. The response he got was the following:
"Now, boy you know your kind can work without water and relief from the sun but the mules need both shade and water. My Dad told me that was the very last time he worked in any white man's fields in Virginia. You see he understood he was a man, not a mule
I purposely shielded Jackson's face in this meme as Jackson attempted to shield history from his dastardly deed.