Feb. 23, 2018


With almost all the NBA Teams now sponsoring G League Teams isn’t it time to end this facade that is Division One Basketball? With the influx of literally billions of dollars flowing into these major colleges and universities from television, marketing, and ancillary markets. It’s no wonder cheating, bribery, and other acts of criminality are so widespread. We have to take the incentive of misusing these mostly young black men out of college athletics. Let them simply play professionally upon graduation from high school. 

Then, If they do decide to play college basketball then they must play a minimum of 3 years and all college scholarships are guaranteed for at least 6 years. In addition, no players in college will be allowed at NBA Combines until their Junior Year of College. These college athletes will be paid to play during college with a salary type of arrangement with funding arising out of combined television revenues.


The only to fix this mess is taking a big ass eraser to it and using some common sense.


Of course, now you will have created an atmosphere where hoards of agents and money leechers are heading to the neighborhood (or should I just say "hood") elementary, middle, junior high and high schools throughout the country. Yet only the best of the best HS players will be capable of playing in either NBA or G League. Then all the college players will be committed to an education with basketball as a path towards graduation. 

I know it won't eliminate unscrupulous individuals from finding ways to bypass illegal contact. However, if the penalties are so severe you can at least minimize that contact. Any college or university caught breaking rules of engagement will be immediately sanctioned. They will lose 3 scholarships for 4 years as well as no participation in any preseason or post-season tournaments during this 4 year period.