Feb. 26, 2018

Wakanda's Black Reality Is Wealth-Less In America

The economic muscle flexing of the black communities spending power is so evident with remarkably gate sales of Black Panther. This movie will most likely be one of the quickest movies to reach a billion dollars in revenue. The profit picture of Marvel/Disney will be boosted exponentially as a result of this movie.
Yet, in the final realistic analysis, our urban schools are still decrepit, our urban community housing is still substandard, white regenification is pricing out housing in many of our urban cities, economically many of our communities are still wealthless and poverty-stricken, our urban health and urban environmental conditions are appalling.
So maybe in the upcoming sequels of the movie Black Panther we can demand because of our huge economic support a percentage kickback for funding inner-city development? If we can not get this type of support black cast or not Black Panther is draining dollars from our community without a rollback in revenue. It continues to build economic power for the majority race. While depleting sizable dollars from the minority black race in this nation.
How we gonna build our Wakanda nation when we continue to give our dollars to build the other Marvel universes? Wake up the studio is already calling for a sequel. Our communities are calling for a sequel while our precious black dollars are continuing to fly the coop. With the white fox gobbling up all of our black golden eggs. Dr. Martin Luther King asked us to go around to these corporations that aren't treating us fair and demand our fair share on the night before he was murdered. When exactly are we gonna to realize his final dream? If the corporations want to play in our money playground. We as black people cannot continue to supply all the toys for the games they play without a significant return. 
The BLACK NATION will never exist without some greenery to solidify the foundation.