Mar. 3, 2018

Don't Fall For The Voter Suppression Okie Dokie

We need to be especially cognizant and be on the look-out for a powerfully funded social media campaign that discourages women and young adults voting in the upcoming 2018 elections. Since these voting blocs could decide many contested elections in the so-called money states. The funding necessary to discourage voter participation is already in place with the leadership of the Republican Party in agreement with this devious plan
Just how this voter suppression campaign will be carried out is most likely been established as well. I'm also sure that foreign intervention in the election process will occur as well. One of the ways to discourage voter participation is to relay that message that your single vote won't make a huge difference.
If they can use this strategy to convince 250-500 voters or more per congressional district not to participate from each of these voters blocs. It could definitely shift or swing the election to the least favorable candidate. So please don't be caught in this voter's trick bag. black voters will especially be targeted because as a voting bloc we tend not to vote in huge numbers in non-presidential election years. So, I would say vote early and convince others to vote as well. Also, make sure that your voting bloc is represented as election judges in the upcoming Congressional, Senatorial, and State House Elections in 2018.
The General Elections of 2018 are only 8 months away. So an uptick in suppression activities will be implemented soon. They also will release polling numbers that may cloud contested elections. The Black Blogger says simply don't fall for the Okie Dokie, please be aware of this voter suppression snare because if you aren't aware you may indeed fall into the fox's lair. We can, in fact, change the course of this nation but only if the voices of that change are represented in the houses of political power.