Mar. 15, 2018

The Importance Of Our Historical Knowledge For Community Self-Preservation

The Black Blogger Asks That You Understand Your Story

Do you understand your people’s unique story? 

Do you understand your ancestors quest for glory?

Our people’s history lives in each one of our bloodlines

Not being able to trace those lines ensures we stay in a dark place

It seems we now only want to erase our past

So that is why we must illuminate our ancestor’s struggles

Understanding that progress doesn’t come blindly closing our eyes to the pain

Progress comes in internalizing our ancestor's pain 

Then being able to fully comprehend our ancestor’s gains

We must know all facets of our ancestor's injustices

The stories are written in our ancestor’s blood across this land

We need not feel bound in the bonds of past inequality and strife

Understanding our ancestor's past stories will, in fact, unleash the truth’s light

That is why we must share our unique ancestral black story

So that we can truly achieve a black nation’s future glory




I think as black people in this nation should all be aware of the historical charts that define justice, injustice, equality, and inequality of black progression in this nation. Personally, once you lay out the timeline of how specifically strategic the opposition was in denying our black ancestor’s communities full human, social and civil rights.  Then we as a body of black people can comprehend and understand the importance of community unity. 


We must be able to confront these menacing acts that are deliberately engaged to minimize our growth as a prosperous community because these tactics negatively impact us economically, socially, legally, environmentally, and educationally. That's why it is imperative that we must control the educational institutions within our communities.  How can we ever unleash our full potentials as a people? If we don't have a comprehensive understanding of our historical past provided with unbiased voices intent on building rather than destroying? 


You see in my Wakandian World of social change and economic uplift our black history will need never be anyone’s black mystery.  So each one teaches one. That ensures that we all as community members become learned people. We will work together to reach one and inform one and maybe in doing that we will reform our communities. We will indeed then meet on Martin Luther King’s shining hilltop of prosperity and justice for all. You see as we reflect back and understand fully our historical story the delight will be when we began to fully comprehend the people of color's glory. You see if you fully comprehend it. Then you will know it is a damn beautiful story.