Mar. 20, 2018

The Black Blogger On Self-Analysis Revealing Humanness

In our reality, we as individuals must comprehend the reality of self-analysis. You see before we can even begin to analyze our fellow brothers and sisters. We must come to the understanding or self-realization of our personal dynamics. It is in measuring those dynamics that we can comprehend our personal flaws.  

Once in this self-reflective state, we can then reach an understanding that no one is truly perfect in form, shape, thought, or action.  The inner beauty revealed in this critical self-reflection state allows us to recognize our personal flaws which in turn assist in our ability accept the flaws that exist in everyman. We are indeed the embodiment of everyman henceforth no man is better internally than the next. It is only those external elements that differentiate everyman from one man.

So we sometimes must look further than the external differences to fully comprehend the internal brilliance that resides in each of us individually. You, I, and we are placed in spaces that must be shared. It is in the sharing and honoring of spaces that humanity can elevate the greatest good, or create the ability to climb the highest plateau. 

It isn’t skin color, voice tone, physical outer beauty but the essential energies released by the electrical impulses of our brain that heighten our ability to promote humanness and erase impulses of negative individual destruction. You, I, and we must have a profound determination to exist in essence of pure brotherhood and sisterhood. 

It is in acceptance of that state that we can make visible the brilliance that is hidden below one’s inconsequential layers of doubt or flaws. Hence the process of starting with self and moving beyond self to acceptance of others. That is the essential part one’s life which will enable a person to maximize the ability to think critically, love unconditionally and live strategically. 

So in conclusion by thoroughly internalizing the realities of self-analysis. We can begin to understand that one’s flaws only shine an expressive light on one’s inner beauty. Again, one is perfect but beauty isn’t something or someone without flaws. Beauty is how we can mask those flaws to make them less relevant because of the love, peace, and human understanding we disseminate from our electrical energies to those we interact with. 

It is said that beauty is only skin-deep but without knowing how to self-analyze most people never get beyond another’s skin. Take the world’s most beautiful gem, be it emerald, diamond, or ruby it was created by the ability of that stone to mask its flaws and highlight its brilliance. One day man will come to an understanding of self that will highlight man’s brilliance and ignore man’s flaws. That is the day when just a little light shining in will brighten an entire planet. Until then we must work on ourselves one person at a time.