Mar. 21, 2018

Uplift & Faith Black Man, Black Woman

It’s in our hands

Black Man, Black Woman

We need only reach

To get answers to the problems that we have to seek 

Support all our communities, yes, continue to teach

Listen to dedicated minds who act rather than preach

To change this land you need only take a stand

It’s in your hand 

Black Man, Black Woman

The plan that betters the black man

We must turn our backs on this broken system’s peculiar plan

That’s held us back forever in this damn land

The time is now to hype our own plan

One that demands we elevate

Unity and love at our command

Inequality & injustice has now been banned

It’s time for all this nation’s black communities to build a new brand

You see power and change is surely in our black hands

Moving together finally to create our own homeland

When we reach that mountaintop

Look over into that valley below

Then life for the Blackman will then be grand

Because united in love to finally took a stand

You see our victory is in our hands

Black Man, Black Woman Now