Mar. 24, 2018

Be Careful They Are Out There Seizing Your Information

With information sharing issue on social media sites, it would behoove the conscious to be aware of the multitude of apps we unwittingly give to access our private information. This morning I cleared over 360 apps from my Facebook account that I didn't fully comprehend had access to my profile information.
You may want to read this USA article and take a personal look at the third-party apps you have unknowingly given access to your personal information. You will be especially susceptible if you ever participated in any of the cute games or questions. These response type personality tests are some of the chief culprits in being fronts for illegal sharing activities.
You should be aware of how social media was manipulated in the past general elections to negatively affect the outcome to the detriment of the American people. The Russians were are to decipher social media techniques that supported the election of Donald Trump. So be smart and look closely at those third-party apps.