Mar. 26, 2018

The Black Blogger’s Spring Is Great Just Remember It’s Never Too Late To Bloom

Last Tuesday was the 64th First Day of Spring of my life.  The day that normally has pronounced the beginnings of the renewal of newness in one’s life.  The first day of spring is no different than any other so I reflect on the coming days ahead. I guess I needed to create some creative wordplay and to celebrate the beginning of another season of change. 


Spring Is Great Has Always Been It’s Never Too Late To Bloom


No matter where you are in life’s elevator

It’s never too late to bloom 

You see Spring can make you greater

Even if you are simply a diner’s waiter

It’s never too late to bloom

Forgot about that winter’s gloom

Sweep away all that winter’s doom with a renewed springtime broom

You see in Spring your life begins outside that darkroom

All of nature’s beauty is now your external classroom

You are no longer consumed by simply a bedroom

It’s ever so great to look at life outside that chatroom

It’s been a while since you have truly enjoyed that sunroom

Cherry blossoms outside are peaking

People everywhere are really speaking

Damn I wish that they didn’t stop shrieking

Or was it that they decided to go streaking

Or go to Atlanta to simply do some greek freaking

It’s never too late to bloom

Forget about that winter’s gloom

Time to put all that cold weather gear into that tomb

Take the sunshine out the winter’s backroom

This new season is about to burst out of Mother Nature’s womb

Yes I’ve already been a three-time groom

No need for the smoke to come out of the fireplace’s flume

The music’s so high it’s creating a sonic boom

The spring parties leave little space or elbow room

The motorcycles are simply set to vroom 

All the cars engine readying too zoom

Spring is the time all assume

That no one is left lonely in any barrooms

Left Thinking  of inheriting their dead grandmother’s heirlooms

So get off the benches

Time for everyone to leave those snowbank trenches

You see the time has come for flying springtime finches

Time to prepare those bodies for some sandy beaches

Blossoms are a blooming

Honeybees aren’t stinging

You see nectars has them clinging

All those cell towers are now pinging

Sisters are hoping wedding bells start ringing

Department stores think hear registers clinging

Children are now back in parks swinging

You see Spring is back in force

Folks everywhere have no choice

If you aren’t happy after winter,  now’s the time to get a divorce 

Spring is back people are fully springing

I can even hear the faint sound of a summer’s bell quietly ringing