Mar. 26, 2018

The Youngest Have Always Been Our Bravest

It was truly a sight to see so many young people engaged in something other than mindlessly looking into a smartphone. The March For Our Lives was an exceptional showing, to say the least. However, please don't make it out to be the first time in U.S. History that young people stood for something. You see the black youth of the civil rights movement faced the horrific threat of annihilation everytime they gathered to fight the oppressive nature of racism.
It wasn't just an opportunity to sell cute tee shirts and listen to music and speeches. When those young civil rights warriors stepped on the streets of those southern towns and cities. They faced tear gas, vicious dogs, water cannons, loaded rifles, white mobs bent on delivering physical harm, and law enforcement agents filled with rage and injustice. So please don't let the media and other forces intent on covering up our struggles to continue to whitewash our historical sacrifice.
This weekend wasn't the first time the youth stood up and by God, I hope it won't be the last. You see as Fannie Lou Hamer declared back a half a century ago: "Not one of us is free until every one of us free." The young dead bodies those weapons of destruction in our urban ghettos are just as important as any dead bodies taken by weapons of mass destruction in any primarily white suburban school. The consuming weight of death by guns delivered pain and anguish no matter the economic or educational level of those victimized.