Mar. 27, 2018

The Black Blogger Asks This Question

Linda Brown Thompson one of the principal plaintiffs in the US Supreme Court 1954 decision that erased the 1896 Plessey vs. Ferguson decision that had mandated separate but equal facilities for people of color in this nation, just passed away. In the 1954 Brown, it outlawed segregation in public facilities across this nation.
My question is since the 1954 Brown decision has seemingly been a complete and utter failure as directed in applying equal relief to black people related to integration. Do you think that the NAACP Legal Defense Fund made a horrendous error demanding integration over fully funding continued segregation?
The giant caveat since the Plessey segregated facilities were never fully funded by the states in either the North or the South. Had the NAACP argued vigorously that the court demand that states repair our community schools to the level of the neighboring white schools? Wouldn't we as communities 64 years later been in a much better position educationally and economically than we currently are today?
The issue of de facto segregation which is a dominant issue in the northern, western, and mid-western states would have had to be addressed in that scenario. It was virtually ignored and still is ignore almost a half a century later. The southern states would have been able to maintain racially exclusive schools but only if they equally funded black schools.
I don't want to underscore the commitment of Linda Brown's parents to guarantee an equal education for their daughter. However, in the grander scheme of things blacks lost out in the decision because it was our black institutions both educational, cultural, and economic that were eliminated by the ruling in 1954. The question asked but seemingly avoided for the past 6 plus decades is simple was integration actually the solution for the white majority?