Mar. 29, 2018

The Easter Rabbit’s Down The Hole That Is Something To Behold

So we passed this Easter test

The link to between the Bunny and Jesus is put to rest

Let’s simply roll eggs and not be pressed

Linking the cross and the bunny you surely jest

Yet all this basket candy is getting hard to digest

This thought has to be gotten off my chest

For those chasing the Easter Bunny aren’t really blessed

Why not all of us join in this Easter Bunny fest

Did Jesus need the help of the bunny on his religious quest

I hear some preachers in the pulpit said the bunnies were even blessed

The Easter Bunny is more than a garden variety pest

You telling me the bunny’s me  pagan why you so stressed

That’s like  simply easter bunnies care only of carrying on incest

This whole Easter Bunny story won’t pass the sniff test

Is this why our communities are so damn depressed

Who started this Easter Bunny lie please, please confess

So the Easter Bunny is down the hole

All those stores have hit there goals

When do those single momma hit the poles

All of social media we can stop those trolls

All those Christian Easter Bunny images are a sight to behold

Using silly rabbits during Easter honestly to save our children's souls

In another year have no fear

This alignment will reappear

The merchandisers will certainly cheer

Jesus on the cross will shed a tear 

Mothers will head to the store for easter bunny gear

This damn lie could have stayed on the frontier

Why in the hell did it have to premiere

The mental damage done is quite severe

You got kids buying bunnies hoping to see some dropped eggs

You see this ridiculous brainwashing is quite clear

When this happens certainly don’t cheer

We shouldn’t  have babies shout and cheer

But instead, we run to that Easter cashier

Coming soon is that damn flying reindeer

The lying and games are now in high gear

Myself I’m in the corner drinking old-fashioned root beer

While the bunny’s down the hole

All our black churches with Easter’s incredible bankroll

While our poorest communities suffer inequalities toll 

Guess what? Santa’s getting ready in the North Pole

Why do our communities have no economic self-control

Jesus and the Easter Bunny high on the flagpole

Damn why didn’t they decide to celebrate a mole

He could’ve at least dug his way to Seoul

At least we could’ve have eaten from that massive rice bowl

Instead, we send out minds into that money bunny’s sinkhole

And lose our heart and soul

So, Mr. Easter Rabbit we hope to permanently close your hole

Dammit isn’t that Santa’s now peeking out from the North Pole