Mar. 30, 2018

Good Friday Message To The Black Man

Get to reading those books black man

You dropping some knowledge black man

Reading and writing your hooks black man

Gaining all those strange ass looks, black man,

We don’t need to smash it black man

It’s insane black man that we don’t constantly feed our brain black man

When you’re hooked on knowledge black man

You may reach heights, unforeseen black man

That isn’t just a damn dream black man

Us dumbing us is part of the scheme black man

Sharing knowledge is truly be part of a unified team black man

You see never learning is a path to lesser or damaging earnings black man

We need a nation of black leaders who are readers to constantly fight our deceiver's, black man

If we want to glean power spent just an hour building your intellectual mainframe black man

So on to reading those books black man

For August Wilson a library card was all it took black man

For an entire community to be shook black man

Don’t be hooked on ignorance black man

Strive for personal intellectual brilliance black man

For our community to stop being took black man

We need members willing to be shook black man

That can happen if you decide to open a book black man

So blow away the clouds of doubt black man

Take a few moments to read aloud black man

Nurture a mind, your’s, his, there’s black man

Just be willing to share black man

So all us can climb those educational stairs, black man

Rise above all this community disrepair black man