Apr. 2, 2018


They’ll shoot you in a warm breeze

They’ll shoot you in a cold freeze

They’ll shoot you with seemingly such an ease

They were hired to protect and serve

They’ll shoot while chasing you

Robert Scott

They’ll shoot you with while you're laying down with your hands up

Charles Kinsey

They’ll shoot while you are standing still with your hands up

Michael Brown

They’ll shoot you while you are on your knees

Alton Sterling

They’ll shoot you for a broken car light

Philandro Castile

They’ll shoot you in the back unarmed

Stephon Clark

They’ll shoot you for protecting you're momma

Robbie Tolan

They’ll even choke and snuff you

Earl Garner

They’ll shoot you just because it seemed like fun, he was on the run

Laquan McDonald

They’ll shoot you when you are young and innocent

Aiyana Stanley-Jones

They’ll shoot because you are too big for your age

Tamir Rice

The white wannabees will even shoot you

Trayvon Martin

They’ll take you on a ride of death

Freddie Gray

They’ll shoot a mother and her son

Korryn and Kodi Gaines

Was dying unjustly something you deserved

Killed by white men whose sworn job was to simply protect and serve

Hands up, hands down, laying down, on your knees, behind the wheel, in a cell

Being black and facing blue

Shouldn’t mean having "lead" to chew

All this unjust killing, why, blue?