Apr. 4, 2018

Pent-up Silence Is Broken

50 years today on a spring evening many America inner cities exploded with pent-up rage. The nature of that black rage had been boiling over for more than 3 1/2 centuries over multiple generations of being oppressed and being ignored by a white supremacist society.

Those invisible black voices who had long suffered in silence while many white Americans simply ignored their plight and blight of living. White Americans who ignored the call for just treatment coming from those black communities. Those invisible black voices who had experienced the odorous effects of broken promises made by white Americans, a promise for an equal share in the richness of this nation's resources. Those black invisible voices heard the murderous sound of a single bullet rifling through the humid Memphis, Tennessee air on a Thursday evening.

That single bullet shuttered out any real sense of hope and a people's progress. So for many of those invisible black voices, the killing of a prince of peace by a racist white America ignited the fuse that exploded over the course of the next week in cities and towns across Black America. No longer was the dream deferred for now to those invisible black voices the dream was permanently erased.

No mountaintop to view a promising valley of justice below. All that seemed possible was now an avalanche of hopelessness. Hear me now. Hear my plead. Hear my call for true liberty. I'll burn it down for all white America to see. From blighted sea to darkened sea. You, white America killed that voice, that hope for change. So today our silent voices rage and injustice are on America's stage. Black rage pent-up and now released. Why couldn't you see that King's promise was golden and the unity of all people was his objective emboldened?

In killing the prince you turned the tides towards oppression. In 50 years hence America's remains mired in muck. Not killing King may have changed America's luck.