Apr. 12, 2018


“We have no tears to shed . . . over the fall of Fort Sumter,” “God be praised. . . . The dealers in the bodies and souls of men . . . have exposed the throat of slavery to the keen knife of liberty.”
Frederick Douglass
On The Fall Of Fort Sumter
April 1861
For the Black Americans in 1861 living under the boot, chain, and whips of slavery in the southern and border states. The cannon balls that began falling on Fort Sumter 157 years ago today offered little hope or solace of their battle for freedom.
Because relatively few of our ancestors were educated to the point to comprehend or understand the ramifications of the onslaught of Fort Sumter. Nor could they have forecasted the impending national civil conflict that was about to explode.
However, Frederick Douglass, fully understood that the bombing by the South Carolina Confederates meant that no longer could the subjugation of an entire race of people be ignored. John Brown's attack on the Federal Armory in Harper's Ferry had lit the fuse in 1859 that ignited the fires of disruption to this peculiar southern institution.
Now the South had taken the stance to ensure slavery's continuation beyond the borders it already controlled. So, on April 12, 1861, finally, that boot and horrible whip of slavery would be facing its judgment day. If the current union of states could repel the advances of the Confederacy. Slavery and all of its evils would be nearing its end. So, on April 12, 2018. Black Americans should understand the significance of the initial bombing of Fort Sumter. Those cannons balls launched in fury by the white rebels ended up be the shots that lead to our partial freedom.
Although our struggle continues to gain a total sense of justice in this nation. We cannot forget the sacrifices of our ancestors who battled the evils of slavery and won.