Apr. 13, 2018

The Black Blogger's Mind Went On A Mental Walkabout

My mind went wandering on a walkabout today 

Sure wish my thoughts were more about community pay

Or even thoughts related to an upcoming warm May day

But all my mind could conjure up was that black people still being treated as prey

And how the America justice system continues to be lead far astray

Why do so many think it’s cool to betray

They keep putting inequalities high on the US informational airway

 They said Jamar’s prints were on that officer’s gun

How is that possible when Jamar was clearly on the run

Yet the D.A. announced that officer had fair use of that deadly handgun

Those lies being weaved and so easily spun

Tell me again why in the hell did those officers fire those guns

While yelling get off of the streets and stop being deadbeats

Black Americans saying cops will now shoot in a heartbeat

Even when the call is back-up and retreat

Otherwise, you will see black male bodies lying dead in the streets

They keep saying justice in America for some would be sweet

But all that we see is young black males being treated like flying skeet

Tell me again why all are those dead bodies lying still on our inner-city streets?

So to my mind wandering on a walkabout today

You say we need to do some more deep pondering

Another fact that revealed so much about these unjust attacks

Is how blacks are involved in a huge graduation gap

You see while other racial groups are climbing

Graduation for urban blacks is in America is constantly declining

We got to understand that we as a people need to keep on grinding

Otherwise, our young black peoples will find justice everlastingly spellbinding

Do you still pay that  ill-fated dream broken college loan 

Or just simply ignore that government agent’s creditor’s phone

Why call me now all those college dollars are already blown

You see black folks will never reach America’s justice’s throne

They say my college degrees escaped via that military drone

Again, why should I answer that annoying creditor’s phone?

It looks to me as if my career has flowed out to the farthest reaches of the damn ozone

The plans that I have are now truly unknown

So many young black bodies and no money for remembrance headstones

Tell me again, why did that Minneapolis cop want to keep Philando in the kill zone?

Aren’t you tired of seeing momma’s continue to pay for your little black brother's tombstones

I would like all our young black men to afford to buy a tidy urban brownstone

And stop being  living prey in cities like Bayonne

Aren’t you tired wishing upon justice’s Wishbone

Knowing we  continue to face this lead dropping hailstone

Equality and justice for our brothers can longer be postponed

Also, the killing of black babies can longer be condoned

I don’t care who does it they must all atone

You see killing our black youth will break our community’s backbone

We cannot let our communities constantly groan

Dammit, someone pick-up and answer justice’s cell phone.