Apr. 14, 2018

What had Lincoln not been shot on April 14, 1865


Lincoln Assassinated

Ford's Theater

Washington DC


Today 153 years ago President Abraham Lincoln was shot by John Wilkes Booth while attending a play at the Ford's Theater on Good Friday in Washington, DC.  He actually died of the gunshot wound on early Saturday morning April 15, 1865. 

Lincoln never awoke nor spoke after being shot that night by Booth at the Ford Theater. My questions this Saturday afternoon are just a few had Lincoln not been shot what would have been his ultimate solution to the race issue in America? Also, what if the entire conspiracy by Booth and his band of co-conspirators unfolding as they had initially planned? The first question that I will discuss is what is Booth hadn’t been able to shoot Lincoln or if the gun had misfired?

Considering Lincoln’s age and the fact that in America in 1965 no term limits of the Office of President existed at the time. How many terms could Lincoln have served had he not been murdered on April 15, 1865?  Do you think that he would've fulfilled his promise of providing the slaves recently freed of resources necessary for competing in America? Since Grant, Stanton, Lincoln, and Sherman had developed the plan of land distribution prior to his death. Would Lincoln and the Republican Congress approve additional laws that would have provided the resources necessary for the former slaves to till the distributed land?  Would Reconstruction of the Southern States really been given a fair chance to be instituted, implemented and given the support to succeed?  With Lincoln’s survival would those southern states which were allowed back into the union been given more restrictions prior to re-entry into union of States. Would Lincoln addition to maintaining the regulation that each abide by the 13th, 14th, and 15th amendments added additional safeguards to ensure the security of the recently freed slaves? Since 95% of the Blacks in America resided in the former Confederate states would Lincoln provided additional land beyond what Sherman had initially allocated? Or would Lincoln provided former slaves to participate in land-grant distribution in the western territory in his future unserved presidential terms? Or would Lincoln and the Republican Congress adopted a plan to move freed slaves to a recolonization model in Caribbean territory similar to what Lincoln supported in Liberia? 

My personal feeling is had Lincoln lived he most likely would’ve sought and won re-election in 1868 and 1872. This would’ve given Lincoln 4 complete presidential terms. I feel that with those 16 years Lincoln would've have done everything within his power to push the recently freed slaves to a recolonization plan to Liberia and or the Caribbean territories. I feel that even with emigration plans Lincoln would have supported Reconstruction would've lasted more than the 11 years. Lincoln’s murder cut as much as two decades off the country’s Reconstruction efforts. You see history has proven that his presidential successor, Andrew Johnson had no intention of doing anything substantive to boost the support of the Radical Reconstruction efforts geared to protect the life, security, and liberty of the recently freed slaves. Had Lincoln not been murdered this nation would have avoided the corruptive elements that destroyed Reconstruction plans during Grant's presidency. In addition to Lincoln's hard-nosed stance that slavery was, in fact, a detrimental institution to American growth overall; may have proved that the emancipation of American Blacks was a necessary action. Of course, if the assassination of Lincoln had been foiled that wouldn’t have stopped those Confederates from that enduring love of the peculiar institution. So most likely the southern cause for perpetual white supremacy would most likely have led to another bloody civil confrontation before the end of the 19th century in America.

Tomorrow, The Black Blogger addresses question two: 

 What if the entire conspiracy by Booth and his band of co-conspirators unfolding as they had initially planned?