Apr. 16, 2018

The Black Blogger Reflecting Reasons

Something seems to be seriously amiss with this nation we are living in. Murdering of our fellow brothers and sisters has become so damn nonchalant and acceptable. Yesterday’s murder is forgotten by our community’s residents within moments by everyone except the victim’s immediate family. Our government continues to send missiles of mass destruction that create chaos in nations thousands of miles away. Our President currently tweets more than offering true solutions on bettering conditions of our country’s neediest citizens. Why do our nation’s most educated black residents care more about what the shooting percentage of Steph Curry than the plummeting educational achievement level of the black youths being educated in our cities dilapidated school buildings? Why aren’t best future educators choosing a path to building a nation of community achievers? Is it because today’s educators aren’t paid substantial enough wages motivate these young learners to choose to pursue a career in teaching our future young black achievers? Why do so many of our young black community residents choose a path of illusion and delusion rather than achievement and learning? 


It's so sickening that our young brothers and sisters would rather breeze to an act of violence which ends in terminating other young black people’s lives for the simplest of reasons. How does the civic term “protect and serve” dissolve into “disrupt and destroy”? How does the color blue become to be despised in our community simply because of the actions of these individuals who chose to “protect and serve” but leave our black youths “disruptive and destructive”? How have we allowed the term “black family” to become unreachable in so many aspects of our community members? How have we allowed our community’s black youth being comfortable with terms hoes, bitches, niggers, blunts, glocks, murder, and incarceration? Yet, that same community of black youth are uncomfortable and unfamiliar with terms such of comprehension, accomplishment, brother and sisterhood, unity, devotion, positive self-analysis, and faith?

Well, Maurice, and Verdeen White and the musical Earth, Wind, and Fire wrote a song in the 1970’s named "Reasons". In that memorable song, the group sang the lyrics about not a person not being able to find in life those circumstances that create life’s situations.  They sang of why that reason appears and sometimes soon disappears. Although, the song focused on personal relationships on why love appears and disappears. To me, the message also reached out to relationships in our communities. Earth, Wind, and Fire was that group that asked their followers to reflect and analyze the music and relates that music to their individual lives. Today’s black music doesn’t seem to encourage that level of sophistication and self-analysis for the listeners. The music today seems to fed into promoting the facets of society that promote the negative than uplift the individual towards accomplishment.  

Well, has black life has lost the value that we had while our community struggled for respect in this nation? How has our community come to viewed and accept violence and murder on social media as just another daily engagement?  How those atrocious act can be measured by likes, reposts, and retweets and not as affronts to the survival of our community. Black people must look within ourselves for answers to this madness. So that we can eradicate the hate that envelopes and threatens our existence. Only God with his infinite mercy can unlock the love that man must rediscover for humanity. Right now man's madness has overtaken man's sensibilities and we are joining this nation on the precipice of ultimate and total destruction. We must find reasons to take different paths.