Apr. 18, 2018

The Way Of The World

Thinking back this morning to another Earth, Wind and Fire song and the lyrics that give meaning to the message.  Isn’t it just amazing how perceptive the members of Earth, Wind, and Fire are? Those members of this creative group who composed this song, and its lyrics along with the message and meaning of those lyrics are forever enduring, The relevance of the words; how the words are asking people to think beyond the words. In doing so they may secure happiness in the way of this world. 

Yesterday, I saw this innocent little child who may have only been about 2 months old. She hadn’t as of yet been touched by the cruelty of this world.  The entirety of her life at that moment was not measured in months or years. It was measured in minutes and hours. Each of the moments she experienced was new to her, and those moments were truly special to those people closest to her. Yet, in a flash of time that could possibly all change.  That child won’t be viewed by others, not by the richness of love and devotion that surrounds now. That no-longer innocent child will now be viewed in the microscope of her life experiences as well as the experiences of those who surround her. She has a heart of gold today but that heart will either be soured or enriched by the experiences she has with others. 

Knowingly, or unknowingly that child who was born with a heart of gold has somehow allowed the experiences of life to turn her heart stone cold. We are all born without the measuring rod of disappointment that can deter us or destroy dreams. Children see the beauty in the simplest of things. The flowers blooming, the warmth of the summer rain, the hummingbird in flight, the buzz of the bumblebee, the ingenuity of the ant, the miracle of the lightning bug, the croak of the frog. Yet, somehow those simple beauties are minimized and we then allow what was incredible in our purest of hearts to be forgotten. 

Before we know it that heart of gold begins to seek gold. It is that search which causes us to lose perspective on what is truly marvelous about the world around us.  The lyrics of this song is asking us to look deep into our hearts and souls and not to allow our world to become so cold. If we allow this coldness to envelop us it may be to late to recapture the warmth and innocent of a spring rain. We no longer look to plant flowers that gain us pearls of wisdom. Now it seems we seek only to plant the flowers that gain an advantage over those around us. We care not about the miracle of the bumblebee’s buzz. That buzz no longer engages our interest. The flowers are blooming. Well, don’t they always bloom? The warmth of the spring rain on my body is delightful. No, it isn’t where is my umbrella. Where we once hear the croaking of the frog has now been replaced and displaced by that Walmart. So have the hummingbirds and the manic patterns of working ants. 

Somehow, life has happened and the way of the world has turned that little one’s heart stone cold. The miracle of life is maintaining the flight of life. We must continue to marvel at this world’s incredible beauty. The lyrics of this song also asks us to stay young at heart. Because we must understand that when we accept the amazing as regular our lives become staid no longer fascinating. We move away from the amazing feel of the newness of youth to the stage of seeing and ignoring what once amazed us. So, we must as the lyrics say to never hesitate to see the miracles of life as our futures, and our dreams disappear. Yes, there will be days of trouble, days of sorrow, days of pain but we should never allow those days to supersede the days of gain, the days of joy, the days that fascinate us.  

That is the way of the world never allowing the struggle outside of us to force us away from life’s magic.  I’ve lived on this planet for some 64 years and I must admit that I allowed my heart to freeze but today I am looking for just a glow of the fire to create my own love’s desire.  You see we are each the embodiment that makes the way of the world. We can either accept the troubles and allow them to defeat us. Or we can turn each of life’s trouble into a challenge and allow them to strengthen us.  Have a great Wednesday, The Black Blogger.