Apr. 19, 2018


There is indeed a strong presence of evil in our communities in this country. It is so easy for people to make a move towards evil. The intentions of the evil-doer may not even initially be one that forms the end objective of evil. You see, evil in itself creates the image of making one’s life easier. A decision made under the influence of an emotional state of evil may not cause the evil-doer pain. Yet, that decision will, in fact, maximizes pain to so many others in our community.  

Our communities know the negative impact of illegal narcotics. However, without other options to move ahead economically. Many of our youth choose to sell and distribute these narcotics not because they are evil but because of the survival instinct. It is evil to accept the notion that some black children need not be educated to the highest level possible. However, it isn’t the failure of urban educators not to successfully deliver that level of education to our children evil? No, it isn’t because outside influences have created the conditions for educational evil to exist. It is evil that many residents of our community not to have full advantage of the health system of this country. However, you cannot blame, nor shame the medical providers of these community residents. These medical providers are evil but they are all captured into a system of evil that accepts this condition of evil. Is every law enforcement officer evil, of course not. However, these law enforcement officers are surrounded by an evil system that allows evil to perpetrate against the neediest members of the community.  Evil is pervasive and a solution to erasing evil is absolutely evasive.

There are indeed some people who just are simply evil. Evil runs through them, as water moves downstream in the rapids, and that is a shame. Does our society always have to look for ways to place the blame? Evil is Evil and those who do Evil are constantly playing this delusional hater’s game. Can we turn around evil and douse the ever-burning flame of evil. Or will evil always hide in life's never-ending shell game? No, it evil doesn’t have to be in a winner’s circle. What our community needs to focus more on are love and understanding. In the 1970’s Earth, Wind, and Fire’s Phillip Bailey wrote the lyrics to a song named EVIL. You know that the final two lines expressed the solution:


“And evil running' thru our brains

turn to love and you won't be the blame.”