Apr. 20, 2018

The Black Blogger Reflects On That Shining Internal Star

The Black Blogger continues his weeklong journey reflecting on the lyrics of Earth, Wind, and Fire songs. This morning I will discuss another message song that asks the listeners to open their minds to life’s possibilities. Two days ago I spoke about that child being born with a heart of gold and how the experiences encountered by that child transforming to an adult can turn that once golden heart stone cold. Today, we discuss how the shining aura that the same child can flow positive energy from inside out can flicker out. Every child is born a shining star and every child has a light when it comes into view can shine that light on anyone still capable of gaining energy from the source of the light.


It’s the energy of that person’s light that powers not only the dreams of that person but it can source power to other people’s lights. So powerful is that shining star is that it draws people to that person’s light and life. However, life happens and just like the dying star no transmits nuclear fusion causing a star to either be a white dwarf, neutron star, or black hole. This human extinguishing black hole is capable of drawing all the positive energy into a prism of nothingness and continual negativity. What occurs now is that person’s shining light of hope and positive energy transforms into a sponge of negativity. The sponge thrives on dream killing as well as an ignitor of human impossibilities. The dreams of our young black brothers and sisters are fed by doubt and disbelief.  Now the dreams of a better life become unattainable because the black hole of hopelessness has now seeped in and the shining star of hope has been extinguished. 



The black hole of hopelessness is similar to a virus that captures and crushes not only the dreams the shining star once had but also crushes the dreams of anyone close that you may encounter. Our youths now only look to expand hopelessness rather than energize hope and uplift dreams. We must find ways to encourage hope. We must ways to enlighten our youth with a belief force of the possible. We must find ways to energize those black holes of hopelessness and turn those remnants of energy into the brightest forces of self-belief. The fact of the matter is each and every child in our community has the capacity to be that shining star. The shining stars that will build new communities of hope for the coming generations. We simply cannot continue to allow those flickering lights of hope to be continually extinguished. It is up to each one of us to believe that every one of tomorrow’s child holds tightly to that internal star of hope. Earth, Wind, and Fire ask that not only should a person keep his/her light shining but also provide s power to light the flames of others. Otherwise, our communities become black holes that constantly are sucking the light and extinguishing the hopes of our shining stars.


You are indeed a shining star no matter who you are, or no matter what others may think of you. Keep the light of hope alive and please let your self-belief and dreams thrive.