Apr. 20, 2018


The longer the Mueller Investigation last the less likely Trump is going to be indicted or impeachEd.The mid-year elections are upcoming in November. Once mid-term elections are in the books the 2020 Presidential Campaign begins. So in my estimation there is a 90 day window to conclude the investigation. Otherwise, no impeachment proceedings will be initiated in the Congress. You see a weakened Trump Presidency will benefit both parties. I’m no way will Pence be elevated to the Presidency unless Trump resigns. In mind Trump has absolutely no intention of resigning. His inflated ego will not allow him to resign. So, by not resigning that will open up in party opposition to him nomination. The democrats will not elevate Pence to the Presidency by impeachment for fear him can attain a bounce which may make his run for his election formidable. So keep an eye 👁 on the Mueller Investigation if it isn’t completed by the 4th of July. Then Trump will complete his full term. The powers to be do not want to provide ammunition that will foster the reality that the Russians actually destroyed the democratic electoral process in America.