Apr. 21, 2018


The 5th in The Black Blogger’s series of essays on how Earth, Wind, and Fire lyrics can drive a sense of uplift in our black communities across America. Today’s lyrical analysis is dedicated to the lyrics of Devotion. It seems that there is an absence of human devotion in our urban communities, especially amongst our black youths.  It is through devotion that one's life gains its true meaning. It is through the teaching of devotion that love of life is multiplied. If we cannot or do not promote devotion every one loses. What is one of the meanings of devotion?it is love, loyalty, or enthusiasm for a person, activity, or cause. 

The lyrics of the song Devotion say that the harmony in this song will make your day brighter. That with that hope it will last long through troubled days you may encounter in your lifetime. You shouldn’t be able to do violence to your community brothers and sisters if you are in a state of devotion. We must demand that in our community that we all promote devotion. Devotion doesn’t require a religious experience it does, in fact, require a sense of love for self and others. Being devoted should indeed eliminate the need to choose bullets over reconciliation. Choosing love and compassion over the hate and disrespect of your brother and sister.

Yes, devotion is critical to black uplift. We must add true devotion to the cause of black uplift, devotion to the cause of black economic development, devotion to building strong educational institutions, devotion to ensuring our spiritual institutions are fulfilling their mission of uplift and devotion to building and rebuilding our sense of family.  

So as the lyrics state we need true devotion to bless today’s and tomorrow’s children in order to ensure the survival of all our communities.