Apr. 23, 2018

The Black Blogger Where Are Our Messengers

Why do our black community seem to be more interested in the goings-on in the inconsequential lives of individuals who perform on shows like Housewives of Atlanta, Love, and Hip Hop Atlanta, and Wives of NBA Stars, just to name a few than having the desire to develop content designed to develop stronger black communities? Almost every series based show or even social media formatted program are directed to the lowest level of community comprehension or critical thought processing. It seems that the diversionary tactics to weaken our individual and community issue enlightenment are working in full effect.

So it has been prescribed by those in power that black social media and black entertainment cannot be issue oriented? Why? Because they have determined that the black community's level of intellectual sophistication is unable to digest information beyond the most basic level? They feel that our black community can only be identified as simplistic and not complex nor critical thinkers? 

I think the fact that we control neither the mass visual media or social media allows this huge level of idiocracy directed towards our community. We need to demand that we either are respected or just ignore our community completely. Because the damage being done by these trivial, nonsensical, and idiotic shows have placed a level of ignorance in our communities that are almost impossible to repair. 

We have allowed those who control the information pipeline to place our black village idiots on pedestals of influence in our communities. While at the same time directing our so-called conscious voices to complete levels of silence. Because our black communities are no longer message centered. We now see our youth gaining value in causes that deflate, not causes that uplift progress in our blighted communities. Rather than moving our black communities forward these modes of entertainment stagnant or push us backward. Who really should give a damn about whether Nene Leakes gets along with Kim Zolciak? Or if Nene has roaches in her home bathroom?  

A fraternity brother of mine directed it back to the period of Keeping Up With Jones.   However, during the period when the Temptation sang that particular song.  Our black communities had some of it's highest levels of consciousness, correct?   You see at the same time, the Temps were singing Keeping Up With The Jones, Marvin Gaye was singing Oh Mercy, Mercy Me, Curtis Mayfield was spreading his message of change , Harold Melvin, Billy Paul, Teddy Pendergast and the folks at Philly International were delivering uplifting voices with their powerful messages,  as was Stevie Wonder and Earth, Wind and Fire.   Today those who drive the messages into our would've been village idiots during that time.